Request for Reprints of Poster Presentation

The PDA Visual Inspection Forum for 2017 has come and gone.  The conference had a number of interesting sessions, many of them having information about correlation of manual inspection results.  Although the presentations provided some analysis of Knapp-Abramson studies some information about procedures were omitted.  Having provided a poster presentation on the effect of light intensity in the inspection volume on the Probability of Rejection of known size particles some correlation could be developed.

A number of attendees have requested that the poster presentation be made available to them.  As a result Phoenix Imaging Ltd. has planned to provide the information to anyone that request it by registering electronically or by calling the office directly.  There are two articles that will be made available under the Articles heading:

1) Referee Level Particle Standards Preparation by Gerald Budd, Phoenix Imaging, Ltd.

2) Optimizing the Inspection Environment for Better Correlation of Human Inspection Data to (NIST Traceable) Referee Level Particle Standards by Gerald Budd, Phoenix Imaging, Ltd.

PDA Visual Inspection Forum 2017

Phoenix Imaging exhibited several new products at the PDA Visual Inspection Forum in Bethesda, MD,  October  2017 .  The PDA Visual Inspection Forum rotates every other year between the United States and Europe.

At the Conference we introduced the MIB-100D™ Manual Inspection Booth and the MIB-50D™ Manual Inspection Booth.  The MIB-100D™ is a Dual-Sided Top/Bottom Illumination System with a precision power sources with active-loop feedback to maintain constant lamp output.  It provides a “Digital Intensity Control” that allows adjustment of the light intensity level.  The MIB-50D™ is a Dual-Sided Left/Right Side Lighting Booth that implements a State-of-the-Art Flat Panel Illumination Technique.  The MIB-50D™ offer very uniform light intensity profile within the inspection volume.  The light intensity for the MIB-100D™ can be adjusted between 1500 Lux and 8500 Lux.

At the next PDA Conference Phoenix Imaging will be exhibiting the fifth generation ParticleScope™ instrument designed to automatically isolate and measure contaminating particle size in small vials and cartridges.  The latest version of the instrument provides Tyndall lightings for the isolation of small white or low contrast particles.  The system provides dual sensors with simultaneous image acquisition that will inspect over 90% of the container volume during each image acquisition.  The system is capable of storing 50 high resolution images per sensor for each inspection cycle.  Up to Five different inspection recipes can be programmed for each inspection cycle.  Single particle measurements can yield resolutions of better than ±5 µm.

Hope to see you at the next PDA Conference!