MIB-90 Manual Inspection Booth

Model MIB-90 (Current Version is: 3.1.3) / MIB-91 (Current Version is: 4.4.1)

The latest edition of the Phoenix Imaging Manual Inspection Booths for inspection of pharmaceutical syringes and cartridges is the MIB-90.  This edition of the MIB series is designed for ease of use by the inspection team members.  The MIB-90™ has a large open work area with plenty of counter space and room for additional shelving units as required.

The Manual Inspection Booth (MIB-90) in Production Configuration is shown in Figure 1 below. The MIB-90 is designed to provide a uniform illumination work envelope and consistent inspection environment. The framework of the MIB-90 is ergonomically designed and implements a patented balanced lighting system that generates a 10 Liter inspection volume in which light intensity is held within 10%, thus eliminating a major component for inspection data variability. This large accurate inspection volume allows the inspector to easily position the sample in the chamber.  The MIB-90™ offers a unique pass-through design that allows the inspector to more the product from one tray through the inspection volume to the opposite tray unobstructed.  This was achieved by removal of the sidewalls that normally surround the inspection volume.  The Model MIB-91 is similar in dimensions to the MIB-90 except that the end walls have been removed.

MIB-90 Manual Inspection Booth with full compliment of options


Figure 1. – MIB-90™ with hydraulic lift kit, sliding foot rest, Top Lamp Visor, Dual Adjustable Side Shelves and Full Surface Anti-Microbial Armrest Pad.


The MIB-90 and MIB-91 are similar to the MIB-100 model with several key feature modifications.

  •        The sidewalls surrounding the inspection volume have been eliminated to allow easy pass through of product from either side tray.
  •        The arm rest is enlarged and constructed of stainless steel with a No. 4 finish. 
  •        The booth can be ordered with electrically operated hydraulic lifts with automatic leveling.
  •        A large steel foot rest that is attached directly to the MIB-90 framework. 
  •        The stainless steel side trays can be ordered to fit you product trays and offer easy grip cutouts to aid with product removal.
  •        The large side shrouds provide easy attachment of optional storage shelves. 
  •        The MIB-90 also has a new light path that provides additional knee room beneath the booth.  This allows the inspector to sit closer to the inspection volume.

The Production Configurations MIB-90 is designed to handle higher inspection volumes and is customized to meet the material handling used in your facility.  The stainless steel side shelves are designed to fit the production trays that are used in your facility.  They provide adjustments for tilt and linear translation to make the shelve position “just right” for each individual inspector.  Best of all, the adjustments do not require any tools!  The locking screws have ratcheting handles that allow the inspection crew to make their own adjustments for optimum comfort.

All MIB models (50, 90, 100) include a programmable logic controller integrated into the system to pace the operator inspection time.  The PLC / operator interface insures that samples are inspected for a designed amount of time and that the result of the inspection disposition is correctly recorded.  This is done using a small flat panel display mounted just above the inspection volume on the left side of the booth (or flush mount on the stainless steel armrest and within easy reach of the inspector. There is also a heavy duty foot switch available that will allow the inspection to step through the inspection and record the result by using the left (fail) or right (pass) peddle.

The backlight color on the operator interface panel will indicate the mode of operation. The color is green when the system is in a “Setup” mode; this mode allows the supervisor to review results, set inspection parameters and the inspector to enter the “Inspection” mode and to review results when the inspection shift ends. The screen color is orange at the beginning of the light background particle inspection. During the actual inspection period the screen will display a graphic count down timer and a red LED light will appear just to the right of the inspection area.  When the LED turns off the inspection period is complete and the screen will then be illuminated with a red background.  The red background indicates that the dark background inspection is about to begin.  When the dark background inspection is active a green LED just to the left of the dark background inspection area is illuminated.  When the Green LED turns off the dark background is complete and the operator interface background turns green and requests the inspection result to be entered.  The inspector must then select, Re-inspect, Good or Bad to return to the Light Background inspection screen.

MIB-90 Inspection Background

MIB-90 Uniformity of Inspection Volume Background

The inspection system may also be setup for 18% Gray Card Inspection.  The gray background inspection screen will be illuminated with an orange background.  Once the “Start Gray Test” button is depressed the screen turns red and both LED in the inspection area are illuminated during the inspection period.  When the allotted inspection time has expired the LED’s turn off and the screen turns green.  The inspector then selects, Re-inspect, Good or Bad to return to the Gray Background Inspection screen.

The inspection results may viewed by depressing the “Results” button on the Main screen.  The system will reconcile up to 65,535 inspected containers in an inspection batch.

The MIB-91 is similar to the MIB-90 except that the ends of the booth are open so that booths may be arranged side by side in the inspection room.  The open end of the booth allow product to be moved from booth to booth.

MIB-91 Manual Inspection Booth from Phoenix Imaging

MIB-91 with Hydraulic Leg Lifts and Anti-Microbial Vinyl Pad


MIB-90, MIB-91, MIB-100 Optional Vertical Blinds for Manual Inspection Booths

MIB-90 or MIB-91 Optional Top and Bottom Vertical Blinds

The Optional Vertical Blinds prevent the inspector from viewing the light sources directly when the light plates are positioned near the front of the MIB-90, MIB-91 or MIB-100 Manual Inspection Booth.  The Vertical Blinds have a minimal effect on light intensity in the inspection volume.  Image above also shows the plastic drip tray that is used to prevent product from entering the inspection booth in the event of an accidental product drop.

US Patent No. 5,940176 granted.