Sample Products

MIB-100 with Corian Armrest

MIB-100 shown with curved Corian Armrest, hydraulic leg lifts, and SS side shelves


This page is used to provide a sample of the available products that are offered by Phoenix Imaging, Ltd.  Most people think of Phoenix Imaging, Ltd. as a supplier of World-Class Manual Inspection Booths.  We are happy that customers think so highly of our products but the truth is that the products are well designed and offer capabilities not found in other products that perform similar tasks.

The Manual Inspection Booths or MIB products as they are referred to as, are designed to provide a stable inspection environment for extended periods of time.  The product offerings are divided into two categories: Dual Sided Lighting and Single Sided Lighting.

  • The Dual-Sided Lighting products are the Standard of Excellence, they provide large uniform inspection volumes in which the light intensity is constant.  The Dual-Sided Lighting Systems offer matched power sources in Top / Bottom or Left / Right Side illumination directions.  This lighting technique provides a very large inspection volume of constant intensity.  This allows the inspector a degree of movement in the inspection volume that is not available in Single Sided lighting systems.  The power supplies monitor the light intensity from the lamps several thousand times per second to maintain constant lamp output.  The lamps are driven at greater than 50 KHz so that the illumination appears as constant level to the inspector, therefore eliminating that annoying “flicker”.  The booths offer adjustable armrest heights, footrest and 7-way adjustable production side shelves to reduce operator fatigue.  The categories offers the MIB-75 (Bench Top), MIB-80 (floor standing), MIB-90 (Large Electric Lift floor standing model), and MIB-100 (The Industry Standard for Uniform Inspection Environments).
  • There are a number of options that are available on MIB-80, MIB-90 and MIB-100 models.  The popular options are listed here:
    • Corian® Solid Surface Armrest (Straight front edge or Curved front edge)
    • Stainless Steel Armrest (Straight front edge or Curved front edge)
    • Hydraulic Leg Lifts – (Raise and Low the inspection booth with the push of a button, electric operation.  The unit is self-leveling and will maintain height even in the event of a power failure.
    • Stainless Steel Side Shelves – These units a custom designed to match the dimension of the customer trays.  Sold in pairs with articulated joints for multiple degrees of freedom.
    • Upper and Lower Lamp Blinds – These are designed to prevent the inspector from viewing the illumination sources directly.  The blinds fit beneath the plastic catch basin.  These should be ordered at the time of the inspection booth build.
    • Plastic Catch Basin – This clear plastic tray is mounted above the lower mirror to prevent a container from entering the inspection booth and causing potential booth contamination.  The plastic catch basin has a 500 ml capacity in the event of container breakage.
    • Digital Light Intensity Control (DLIC) – provide a digital output option on MIB-90 and MIB-100 inspection booths to set light intensity.  This unit replaces the “Master Intensity Control” on the booth and allows the user to set the light booth intensity by entering a value on the operator interface.
    • JP Light Option – This provide a provision to connect an incandescent lamp (LED Optional) to illuminate the inspection volume.  When this option is selected from the operator interface panel will turn off the high frequency fluorescent lights and provide power to the JP Lighting unit.  It provides 10,000 Lux at the center of the inspection volume.
    • Background Replacements – All MIB booths have replaceable backgrounds.  The backgrounds can be Black / White, All White, or All Black.  Special Color Background may be ordered upon request.


  • The Single-Sided Lighting products are less expensive but offer some of the features found in the Dual-Sided Lighting Systems.  Our Single-Sided MIB-40 Manual Inspection Booth uses the same high frequency power source with active feedback control to maintain the lamp output at a consistent value.  The system offers “Master Intensity Control” that allows the user to dial in the desired intensity level.  The lighting system is designed for a deeper inspection volume.