Part I: Background Information

This is an introduction article to the four part series that attempts to explain the background of the Knapp-Abramson analytical technique.  The series attempts to take the reader from viewing the inspection of product with a Probabilistic approach to a Deterministic approach using an advanced inspection device.

Visible contaminating particles, as shown in Knapp’s papers(5-18), are randomly distributed throughout the batch.  As such, a validated 100% inspection is essential to achieve accurate, sensitive contaminating particle incidence rate results.  The use of the Attribute Sampling Inspection Tables with raw visible particle inspection data results in the incorrect rejection of good batches and incorrect acceptance of undesirable batches.  The use of the Knapp-Abramson analysis framework provides the methodology which transforms raw visible particle inspection data into a form acceptable to the Sampling Tables.

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Part I – Background Information on Current Methodology by Knapp and Budd

Note: Your results are only as good as the people and equipment that you use to obtain them.  There are no short cuts to performing a study correctly, it requires the proper number of samples to obtain reasonable results.  Remember the axiom: garbage in equals garbage out.