MIB Products

Phoenix Imaging offers a complete line of Manual Inspection Booths (MIB) for the visual inspection of a wide range of products.  The MIB’s are divided in two sections that represent different lighting techniques.  The Dual Sided Lighting Series with illumination sources positioned on opposite sides of the inspection environment and the Single Sided Lighting Series that has the illumination source on one side of the inspection environment.

The MIB Products are also divided into relative size of the unit.  The main enclosure of the Floor Standing units rest on casters and require minimum floor space of 32″ width x 24″ of depth.  The Corian® armrest that is mounted to the front of the main enclosure is 53″ wide x 9″ deep.  New this year is a Stainless Steel armrest that is 53″ wide and 9″ deep.  Customers may request a different size armrest to better fit the available space (this may result in additional cost).  The Full Shroud option adds about 18″ to the front of the MIB-80 and MIB-100 units.  These are top / bottom lighting units and offer the largest uniform inspection volumes of all manual inspection booths.

The Bench Top models are smaller than the floor standing units and are ideal where floor space is limited.  The Bench Top models are approximately 32″ (812 mm) wide and 14″ (356 mm) deep and 32.5″ (825 mm) high.  They all use 24″ (600 mm) wide illumination sources.  The Bench Top models are available with top lighting only, top / bottom lighting or Left / Right Side lights.  Generally these units are used for inspection of smaller containers and small product lots.

Below is Chart to help you select which Manual Inspection Booth (MIB) is right for you inspection needs.  The Bench Top models require the least amount of space and offer a wide range of inspection volumes.  The Floor Standing units offer the most flexibility and options but require a minimum of 32″ x 24″ of floor space (without normal front armrest or side shelves).  Depending on the product holding shelves the width can be much larger.  Please call if you have questions about any of our products.

MIB - Manual Inspection Booths

MIB Products and Features



Several new options have been added this year.  The most significant is the addition of the Light Curtain Trigger for use with systems equipped with Pacer Control.  This option reduces the dependence on button pushing or the foot pedal triggers.  The inspection cycle begins when the user inserts the container in to the inspection volume and will count down the allocated time before indicating that cycle has completed.  If the user removes their hand from the inspection volume the entire cycle must be repeated.  There are separate triggers for the White and Black backgrounds.

The Digital Intensity Control options is now available on the MIB-50D, MIB-60D, MIB-90D and MIB-100D models.  This option allows the supervisor (Key Lock Switch) to set the desired intensity of the inspection volume by entering the value on the operator interface.  There are three separate intensity ranges available from 2,000 to 10,000 Lux depending on the MIB model.  The intensity is typically ±100 Lux from the set point value.

Click Here For a list of the available options that may be ordered on the MIB lighting booths.  Not all options may be displayed, if you need something special please contact the office for additional information.