Top / Bottom Lighting Inspection Booths

A description of the model MIB-80™, MIB-90™ and MIB-100™ Manual Inspection Booths

MIB-90 Manual Inspection Booth with full compliment of options

Figure 1. – MIB-90™ with hydraulic lift kit, sliding foot rest, Top Lamp Visor, Dual Adjustable Side Shelves and Full Surface Anti-Microbial Armrest Pad.

This series of MIB inspection booth consist of dual sided lighting units that illuminate the inspection volume from the top and bottom of the booth.  This is ideal inspection environment for larger containers and for long small diameter containers.  This series of booths have dual precision power supplies with active feedback monitoring to maintain a constant light intensity level in the inspection volume.  All of the units have a “Master Intensity Control” that allows the user to precisely set the desired light intensity level.  The power supplies will add current to the lamps as they age to maintain the selected light intensity level.  When the power supplies are unable to maintain the preset level an alarm indicates that it is time to change the lamps.

Full description of the MIB-80™, MIB-90™ and MIB-100™ are available at  the link below

MIB-80, MIB-90 and MIB-100 Booth Description