MIB-40 Light Intensity Map

The MIB-40 provides an improved “waterfall” shaped illumination field in the inspection volume.  The inspection volume is about 10 liters centered in the middle of the White / Black Background and has an increasing intensity as you approach the lamps.  This system has a fairly flat illumination field from the vertical center and below.  This is by far one of the most uniform inspection volumes available on single-sided illumination manual inspection booth.

Below is a 3D plot of the light intensity value along the depth centerline of the MIB-40.  The MIB-40 implements a Top illumination system, the light enters the inspection volume only from the top.  This system is designed to meet the EP lighting specification.  Note: Probability of Detection is directly related to the amount of light in the inspection volume.  With a Single-Sided illumination system it is important to inspect at a consistent distance from the illumination sources.

MIB-40 Manual Inspection Booth Light Intensity Map

Phoenix Imaging MIB-40 Light Intensity Map