RLPS Certificate of Analysis

The Referee Level Particle Standard (RLPS™) set is certified to contain particles (seed material) of know size, shape and composition.  The information about all of the container in a set is reported in a document known as the Certificate of Analysis or COA.  The COA container all of the information about the RLPS™ set including but not limited to the following:

Lot and Container Information

  1. Lot number (4 digits, alphanumeric)
  2. Subset Number (1 digit, alphanumeric)
  3. Serial Number (3 digits, 0-999)
  4. Container Type, Material, Size, Color
  5. Fill level (ml, ±0.1 ml for SVI, ±0.5 for large containers up to 1 L)
  6. Composition of Fill Fluid
  7. Color of Fill Fluid
  8. Particle Set Level # (Levels are classified by the center of the small particle distribution, I – VII)

Seed Material Information

  1. Container #
  2. Nominal and Actual Particle Size (±1µm)
  3. Image Storage (File for Lot and Subset, Image #)
  4. Particle Density (gm/cm²)
  5. Seed Material
  6. Seed Shape
  7. Number of Particles in Container (1 is standard)
  8. Validation of Particle Number and Size by ParticleScope™

Phoenix Imaging Ltd. uses the latest technology to select individual seed particles that are measured to an accuracy of ±1µm in length.  This is performed using a NIST traceable laser micrometer and high resolution imaging system.  Spherical seed materials are checked for their circularity and measured a more than 500 points around the circumference to obtain the measurement.  The measurement is reported as the diameter of the seed material in micrometers (µm).  Any spherical samples that are not truly circular in shape are discarded.

The Fiber seed material is typical a straight segment at very short lengths and is measured as the longest linear dimension in µm.  Hoever, some fiber seed material may appear as kinked or coiled in which case the longest cross-sectional dimension is used to report the fiber length.

Seed material that is irregular in shape is listed in the Certificate of Analysis (COA) as “irregular” and its size is reported as the proximal length.  The proximal length is the longest dimension of an object measured tip to tip.

There is a special case of irregular identified as Shard.  A shard is defined as thin piece of crystalline material (usually glass but not always) and its perimeter shape need not be symmetric, often the shard is shaped like a wedge and the thickness many vary along its length.  The shard is measurement is reported also as its proximal length along surface that has the largest area, i.e. not the thickness of the shard.

 Sample image of RLPS™ COA

Phoenix Imaging Certificate of Analysis (COA) with RLPS™ set data

Phoenix Imaging RLPS™ Certificate of Analysis (COA) provided with each set.