MIB-50 Light Intensity Map

The MIB-50 provides a very uniform inspection volume.  The inspection volume is about 8 liters center in the middle of the White / Black Background.  This is one of the largest uniform inspection volumes available on any Bench Top manual inspection booth.  Why is this important? Because the uniform light intensity means that the inspection team will have consistent inspection results regardless of the product position within the inspection volume. This is virtually flat when compared to a typical single-sided illumination system. Here is a 3D plot of the light intensity value along the depth centerline of the MIB-50.  The MIB-50 implements a Dual-Sided illumination technique where the light sources enter the inspection volume from the Left and Right sides.  This system is best used for small volume containers, typically less than 25 ml.

MIB-50 provides a very uniform inspection volume.

Phoenix Imaging MIB-50 Manual Inspection Booth Illumination Profile