MIB-100™ Options

The MIB-100™ Option List is Extensive

The Options that are available for each unit should be listed on the quotations sheets.  The MIB-50 is delivered with all available components are part of the package.  The MIB-100™ can be configured with options to meet specific customer requirements.  We do not send out operations manuals without the purchase of a booth and it will not provide the descriptions that you seek.  Listed here is a description of the available options for the MIB-100™.


MIB-100D Light Control

MIB-100D Digital Light Control

MIB-100-D Option (Digital to Analog light intensity control)

The MIB-110D is a MIB-100 equipped with a digital to analog converter to provide digital control of light intensity, it is order with the MIB-100-DAO option.  The option allows an authorized user to enter a “Program” mode to adjust the light intensity by entering the desired value on the operator interface.  The MIB-100D will automatically compensate for any non-linearity of the upper and lower lighting controllers providing very uniform lighting throughout the inspection volume.  The option also makes the  MIB-100D very easy to calibrate.

Stainless Steel Side Shelves Option

Customer Size Stainless Steel Side Shelves Option


– This is the optional side shelve kit.  It is used by customers that handle a large quantity of containers.  There are two adjustable shelves, one for the left and the right sides of the booth.  The shelves can be positioned by the inspector to provide the maximum comfort and ease of product motion.  They have adjustments for height, angle, displacement, tilt and reach.  All adjustments are made without the use of tools.  The trays are custom designed for the largest tray that the customer will use in the inspection environment.


Hydraulic Leg Lift Option

Hydraulic Leg Lift Option


– This option is for booth hydraulic leg height extensions.  In order to handle the variations of inspector physique (important for those taller than 5’ 9”) the inspection booth are modified to include a hydraulic lift / leveling system.  This system allows the booth to raised or lower with a switch.  The hydraulic lifting system is electrically activated and provides adjustment of 300 mm.  This allows for a more natural seating position and reduces inspector fatigue.  This option must be ordered at the time on system build.  It is an option on the MIB-80™, MIB-90™ and MIB-100™ units.


MIB-100-JP Option

MIB-100-JP Option


– This is known as the Japanese Pharmacopoeia option.  It adds an incandescent lamp that is designed to provide the light at the center of the inspection area.  The lighting unit can be easily removed from the unit when not required.  This option must be order at the time that the MIB-100 is manufactured because it will add special electrical connection for the lighting unit.




MIB-100-SS with Stainless Steel Front Armrest

MIB-100-SSFS & MIB-100-SS

– The Curved Corian® Front Armrest is now standard equipment on the MIB-80™ and MIB-100™ inspection booths.  This was a very popular option for inspectors and is now the standard configuration. However, the straight Corian® Front Armrest is now available as an option on the MIB-80™ and MIB-100™ inspection booths.   The curved front armrest allows the inspector to move closer to the interior of the inspection booth,  this is very helpful with for inspectors of shorter stature (shorter arm length).

The front armrest can also be ordered in a Stainless Steel configuration (MIB-100-SSFS option).  This option is more durable and less likely to be damage if the booth is transported around the facility on a regular basic.  The Stainless Steel armrest is shown in the image above and can adjusted up or down approximately ±75 mm.

The MIB-100-SS is an option in which all of the major components of the MIB are fabricated in stainless steel.  This a a useful configuration if the MIB-100 is to used in a clean room environment.  The top and bottom plates, electrical enclosure and light plates are all fabricated in stainless steel.  All fasteners are also provided in Stainless Steel to insure the booth is corrosion free.


MIB-100D LC Option

MIB-100D Light Curtain Option

LCO Option

The MIB-100D may be purchased with the Light Curtain (LCO) Option.  This option uses two light curtains, one positioned in front of the White inspection volume and one in front of the Black inspection volume.  The operator must insert the container in to the inspection volume to start the inspection duration timer.  If the container is removed prematurely of the inspection volume the operator will be notified that the inspection sequence was not performed correctly and must be performed again before being allowed to proceed to next inspection.  The system also insures that the inspection is performed in the proper sequence, i.e. White followed by Black background inspections.  Note: the Digital Control Option must be purchased along with this option.


– Twin Pedal Footswitch.  This option allows the inspector to advance PLC sequences without having to touch the touch screen interface.  This is very helpful because it allows smooth operation during inspection by keeping both hands free to hold / transfer containers.  It also will speed the inspection sequence because the inspector can start the cycle immediately by depressing the footswitch rather than waiting for a PLC programmed delays between operations.


MIB-100 Top Shroud

Top Shroud with Dual Fans and Speed Adjustment


– This option provides a shroud that covers the top of the inspection booth.  This option is very useful when the inspection booth is used in an area with ambient light that may interfere with the inspection process.  The shroud extends 18” from the front of the booth on both top and sides.  The unit has dual exhaust fans (with speed control) mounted on the top of the shroud to keep the inspector comfortable while inspecting.


MIB-100 Top Visor

MIB-100 Adjustable Top Visor


– This is an option for an Adjustable Visor that is used to block the direct viewing of the upper light source while seated in the inspection position.  The Adjustable Visor has thumb screws on each side of the booth to allow inspection preference for the visor height and tilt angle.  This option is implemented when inspectors of short stature are seated close to the MIB booth interior.




– This option adds light guides to the top and bottom light paths to prevent direct viewing of the lamps.  The light guides function by collimating the light so that it parallel to the White / Black background.


MIB-100 Catch Basin

MIB-100 Catch Basin


– This is a clear watertight acrylic catch basin that mounts inside the MIB-100 above the bottom mirror assembly.  This option will prevent the accidental breaking of the lower mirror if a bottle where dropped during the inspection process.  The trays will also prevent the contents of the container from contaminating the interior of the inspection booth.  The tray can be easily removed from the MIB-100 for cleaning and requires no tools for removal.



MIB-100 Replacement Black-White Background

Replaceable Black-White Background on Sintra


– The background of the MIB-100 is normally composed of a non-reflective Black and White material.  Sometimes this background can become marred or damaged with use.  The White and Black background are mounted to a larger Polycarbonate sheet.  The larger sheet has Velcro attachments mounted to the rear of the board allowing it to be easily removed and replaced.  These replacement panels are inexpensive and can be replaced in only a few seconds.