MIB-100 Manual Inspection Booth

The MIB-100 is considered by many as the “Gold” standard of Manual Inspection Booths.  This system implements a patented lighting technique that produces a large uniform inspection volume with Top / Bottom lighting.  The system offers several method for setting the inspection volume intensity and uniformity, the lamps can be moved toward or away from the centerline of the inspection window or the operator can use the “Master Intensity Control” to increase or decrease the intensity of the lamps.

MIB-100 with Stainless Steel Armrest

MIB-100 in Standard Configuration with Stainless Steel Armrest with Optional Fixed Side Shelves and Light Curtain for verification of inspection duration are added.

The MIB-100 is a floor standing unit and requires about 52″ (1320 mm) x 34″ (860 mm) of floor space.

The Phoenix Imaging Manual Inspection Booth (MIB-100) has been designed to provide an optimum test environment for critical visible particle inspections. Earlier standardization efforts were based on measured light intensity at a specific inspection point under a light source. The exponential variation of light intensity with distance from the light source limited the utility and replicability of such specifications. When manual inspection point variability is considered, a spatial volume in which the light intensity is maintained constant is required for practical inspection applications. A recently patented design achieves such a test environment. The variation of light intensity in a 10 liter volume was reduced to ± 5%, less than ½ the light intensity variation that is manually detectable.  When inspections for contaminating particles are conducted within the controlled light intensity volume, data variability due to light intensity variation is eliminated.

The Manual inspection Booth, following the current recommendations of the Illumination Engineering Society, operates with 550 foot-candles in the light intensity stabilized inspection volume.  NOTE: This illumination intensity is in the range recommended for critical inspections for long periods.  The particular value has been selected to provide separation between sub-visible and visible contaminating particle measurements.  This higher intensity also minimizes the effect of the reduction in contrast sensitivity that accompanies the aging process. 

The USP and EP standards have been Harmonized and lowered the light intensity range to 2000 to 3750 Lux.  The MIB-100 (and all of the dual sided lighting systems) utilize an advanced lighting controller with a feed back circuit to maintain a constant light output.  The MIB-100 is designed to operate with a light intensity range between 2000 to 8500 Lux, depending of the surface finish of the booth the intensity range may be higher or lower.  The lower light intensity level of the USP / EP standard will extend the life of the lamps because they are operating at approximately 50% power. 

Inspector fatigue has been shown to adversely affect the accuracy of the inspection for visible contaminating particles by as much as 30%.  The Phoenix Imaging Manual Inspection Booth has been designed so that the sequence of motions required from an inspector during the inspection are smoothly continuous and are adjustable to the body dimensions of the inspector.  These adjustments are made tool-free.

The Phoenix Imaging MIB series are provided with a pair of precision power supplies that incorporate active-loop feedback circuits that monitor the output of the lamps.  A photo-sensitive device is positioned to accurately measure the luminous flux produced by the lamps.

A precision potentiometer with a dial indicator is used to adjust the output of the lamps to the desired level.  The standard configuration system allows the output at the center of the inspection volume to be adjusted between ~2000 to 8600 Lux with a potentiometer adjustment and/or lamp position settings.  Each system is provided with charts at the three lamp support panel settings for the Potentiometer Setting vs. Output at the center point (Lux).

The lighting system used in the MIB-100 is a special design that provides optimum illumination over extended periods of time.  The lamps selected for MIB-100 provide approximately 5,000 – 10,000* hours of life in which the intensity maintains at an acceptable output level.  The standard operating procedure requires that the lamps be changed at least once a year.  The life of the lamps are dependent on the intensity at which that are operated, high intensity will shorten the time at which the system can maintain the stabilized output.  Normally the lamps are changed during a scheduled shutdown.

The illumination system is designed with a closed-loop active feedback that maintains a constant luminous flux of the lamps over their lifetime.  The upper and lower lamps are balanced to provide uniform illumination volume in the inspection zone.  The control circuitry will provide a signal to the inspector panel when the lamps are no longer able to regulate and maintain the preset illumination intensity.

The MIB-100 stabilized inspection volume is approximately 11 liters with the following dimensions, 250mm (H) x 400mm (W) x 120mm (D).  The inspector normally does not require the use of the entire volume during the inspection process.  The inspectors are trained to target the center point vertically and horizontally at which the movement sequence of the inspection commences.  The movement between the Light inspection and Dark inspection location is usually less than 200mm in which the luminous flux will vary less than 5%.

The MIB-100 white background is constructed of white powder coat painted aluminum sheeting free of imperfections pre-cut to a 11″ x 16″ size.  The matte black background is a black painted aluminum sheet attached to backing board also pre-cut to 11″ x 16″ size.  Both backgrounds are permanently attached to the Backing Board edge to edge with no visible shadow line between them.  The 18% Gray Card is 16″ x 22″ in size and is attached to the center of the Backing Board.  The PLC software is pre-configured to perform either Light/Dark inspection or Gray Card inspection selectable at the beginning of an inspection session.

  • Power supply: 115 VAC (60 Hz) NA or 200-230 VAC, (50 Hz) EU (+/-10%), must specify voltage at time of order.
  • Power Consumption: ~500 Watts
  • Operating Humidity: 35-85% RH
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 °C (32 to 105 °F)
  • Dimension & Weight: (Main Unit) 34.5″ (876 mm) W x 28″ (712 mm) D  x 68.5″ (1740 mm) H, 175 lbs.
  • Dimension & Weight: (Armrest Unit) 53″ (1346 mm) W x 10.75″ (273 mm) D x 4″ (101 mm) H, 40 lbs.
  • Options available:Footswitch (for Pass / Fail inspection register)
    – Curved Armrest (Standard, Straight armrest upon request)
    JP (Incandescent lamp & power connection),
    – Audible Alarm (can be disabled in PLC menu),
    – Booth 
    Height Extension Kit (sealed hydraulic and electric operation),
    – Moveable Foot Rest.
    – Digital Option (controls light intensity from Operator Interface)
    – Light Curtain Option (insures proper duration in White / Black inspection volumes).

System is protected by Patent No. 5,940176.

Full brochure of the MIB-100™ product is available at this link: BROCHURE MIB-100 revision 2017-10

MIB-100 with Stainless Steel Armrest, fixed SS side shelves and Light Curtain Option.

Fixed Stainless steel side shelf

MIB-100DSS this model has Stainless Steel components inside and outside for Clean Room use.